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Pipedrive – The First CRM design by Salespeople, for Salespeople.

With a sales CRM tool, you can monitor your pipeline, manage your sales reps’ activities, and see how your company is selling across multiple channels in one view. To improve your sales process, you need a solution that gives you the information you need in real time.

Sales CRM tools help sales reps track contacts, prospects, and leads. With the right tools, you can build a strong knowledge base and use powerful data analysis tools to engage your customers in their purchasing decisions.

Pipedrive is one of the top selling CRM software packages in the world offers a robust solution for comprehensive lead management, segmentation, and reporting. It is a centralized sales hub designed to enable sales professionals to collaborate, optimize sales processes, and predict sales cycles. With Pipedrive, you can automate nearly every step of the sales process for your entire team, from scheduling sales calls to emailing and marketing to track leads, opportunities, and deals. Graphical representation and color coding helps in identifying the opportunities status and you can plan your next course of action accordingly.

Growthhackers is partner of Pipedrive skilled in implementing Pipedrive CRM in variety of industrial sectors. Our experienced Pipedrive consultants can help you assess your CRM needs and plan, strategize and deploy Pipedrive for your business. As a sales partner, we work with you to develop a complete and efficient marketing technology and will provide in-depth workshops and training to your sales team after installing Pipedrive CRM. Through our on-call, email, or chat support services, we provide dedicated support and are always ready to answer your questions.

Partner Services At Pipedrive

Implementation Roadmap & Strategy

To help you Go-Live with Pipedrive rapidly, we apply insights and best practices from years of Pipedrive implementation experience.

Pipedrive Customisation

We can assist you with customizing CRM to meet your needs, as well as customizing and adding new fields.

System Integrations

With interfaces to your existing systems, we ensure that the CRM can effectively act as a cohesive element of your marketing technology stack.

Marketing Automation

We identify processes in your marketing and sales departments that can be automated and create advanced automation workflows to save time and effort.

Dedicated Support

We are always here to help you with any minor or large inquiry through our on-call, email, or chat support services.

System Integrations

With interfaces to your existing systems, we ensure that the CRM can effectively act as a cohesive element of your marketing technology stack.

First CRM designed by sales people for sales people

Visual Sales Pipeline

See your entire sales process at a glance. Update deals by dragging & dropping them into place.

Segment Leads

Filter, categorize, segment & sort leads to create targeted lists for personalized communications.

Contact History

See a full story of all your calls, emails, meetings and notes associated with every deal and contact.

Customizable Pipeline

Setup your pipeline to match your sales cycle. Add custom stages and fields.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate on deals and activities with colleagues. Share updates on sales operations and wins.

Web Forms

Generate Quality leads for your pipeline with fully customizable online forms places right on your website.

Activity Reminders

Schedule reminders for all your sales activities. Stay on top of all your deals. Never miss a follow up.

Reporting & Dashboard

Get detailed reporting on sales & key activities. Track progress against goals in your dashboard.

Track Your Revenue

It has extensive revenue tracking features like subscriptions, product based and revenue forecast.

One platform to grow your business

  • The Pipedrive CRM platform is suitable for small businesses and large enterprises.
  • Synchronize cross-channel information and eliminate repetitive administrative tasks.
  • Work anywhere, anytime and access the Pipedrive Sales Hub from our mobile app.
  • Pipedrive integrates with Facebook to track Facebook lead ads in real time.
  • Pipedrive CRM Marketplace integrations include Xero, WhatsApp, Trello, Zoom and more.
  • Pipedrive integrates with email marketing tools, video calling apps, phone solutions and analytics platforms.
  • Pipedrive can be used as full-featured Gmail CRM with Chrome extension.
  • Can be used as a project management tool with client, resource, schedule filters, and overview capabilities.
  • Pipedrive’s Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plan users get access to an in-app inbox and a more sophisticated automatic email sync compatible with everything from Gmail to QQ Mail.